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WIMED. A leader in road signs & road safety equipment

WIMED’s motto is: We are improving the way we work all the time so that we every day we can be better than we were the day before. This philosophy has made WIMED one of Poland’s and Europe’s best recognisable companies offering road signs and road safety equipment.

WIMED in Facts & Figures

28 March 1988


Zdzisław Dąbczyński registers his business. The business gets the name WIMED (Production and Installation of Road Safety Products).


A small shed with an asbestos-cement covered roof erected next to the owner’s house is the first office and production facility for the new company and a workplace for Zdzisław Dąbczyński, his first workers and family members.

16 May 1988


On that day, WIMED installs its first road sign. A new product is added to the company’s product, namely concrete hectometre posts. In the summer of 1989, the first reflective traffic signs made on galvanised metal sheets come in use. WIMED launches a system of manufacturing universal holders for signs and boards. The system soon becomes a national standard in Poland.

September 1991 - October 1993

Production grows and the owner decides to relocate it to a lager facility, in the city of Tarnów. In subsequent years, a new production plant is built as a response to the company’s fast growth.

February 1994


WIMED is certified by the Polish Road and Bridge Research Institute as a qualified supplier of comprehensive road sign installation services.

September 1994


WIMED participates in the organisation of the 2nd Małopolska Region Meeting of Road Engineers. The meeting is attended by nearly 600 people from Poland and abroad. WIMED’s new manufacturing location is officially opened.

April 1995


WIMED receives the prestigious Teraz Polska award in recognition of the consistently high quality of its products. In April 1995, WIMED wins the 5th edition of the Teraz Polska competition, with its reflective road signs.


WIMED’s awards and honorary mentions (e.g. Lider Przedsiębiorczości (Leader of Entrepreneurship), Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play (A Fair Play Business) or Krakowski Dukata)) attest to the company’s diligence and responsibility in what it does and to the high quality of its products.


In the following years, the company continues to grow and to obtain new certifications, such as the ‘B’ safety mark, the AQAP quality assurance system mark or certification to the ISO-9002 quality standard.

WIMED builds a reputation as the developer of the best road safety solutions and enters in cooperation with JURALCO (Norway) and TRINITY (the US).


Today WIMED is developing its own system of safety structures, called PROLIFE. The main features of the system is that it helps reduce the effects of accidents where a vehicle hits the supports of signs or boards.


WIMED’s history is not only production and installation. It is also numerous conferences, speeches and lectures on road traffic safety, as well as trade fairs and exhibitions.


WIMED offers comprehensive road safety equipment solutions, including products and installation, for road administrators, public institutions and road construction/maintenance companies.


WIMED works to achieve the goals and priorities of the GAMBIT 2005 programme, which include reducing the effects of accidents and improving the clarity of road signs.


WIMED uses the findings of research programmes such as RISER, ROSBUD, AUTOSTRADOS and others to improve its comprehensive solutions, and offers products with passive safety features that meet the requirements of the PN EN 12899-1, PN EN 12767, PN EN 1317, EN PN 12966 and other standards.


WIMED owes its competitive edge to its innovative, dynamic and creative approach to market challenges, while offering quality products, attractive prices and short delivery times.


WIMED has a quality management system in place that is certified to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard and a workplace health and safety system that conforms to the PN-EN 18001:2004 standard.


“(…) my colleagues and I have helped to improve the quality of road signs on the roads in Poland and to provide them with road safety features that reduce the effects of accidents. Our solutions and products have saved the lives of dozens of people involved in road accidents or prevented serious injuries to them.