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Road cones

WIMED road cones are flexible (they recover their original shape after being impacted), stable (with a solid base), well visible (they are coated in fluorescent paint for enhanced visibility) and resistant to breaking or cracking.


WIMED road mirrors are made of acrylic glass. This makes them far more resistant to mechanical damage than glass mirrors. They meet all the applicable safety standards and have been tested by the Polish Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw.

Traffic delineators (U)

Traffic delineators (U) are made of rigid steel sheets protected against corrosion through hot-dip galvanizing. They are coated with type 1, type 2 or type 3 film. They are used to warn about road obstacles (e.g. barriers, pedestrian refuge islands) driven past on the right side (U-6a board) and on the left side (U-6b board).

U1, U2, U12c, U5a and U5b posts

WIMED delineator posts, marker posts, blocking posts and obstacle posts with reflective features are well visible at night or in difficult weather conditions. Anti-fouling covers, U-7 kilometre signs and U-8 hectometre posts.

Road barricades

WIMED road barricades are made of steel sheets protected against corrosion through hot-dip galvanizing, bent on all sides, with four holes for fastenings. The barricades are fitted to special posts using fastenings, but without holders. They can be placed in a line.

Pedestrian refuge islands

WIMED pedestrian refuge islands are made of rubber or plastic materials. They are fitted onto the road using expansion bolts. The outer parts are coated with reflective tape, the island is visible from a long distance.

Speed bumps

WIMED speed bumps are made of UV-resistant rubber, with an anti-slip surface. They are well visible at daytime and night time. Speed bumps can be installed quickly and easily.

Traffic separators

Continuous traffic separators available in yellow and black-and-yellow options, plastic traffic separators that can be filled with sand or water. HOL separators for separating bicycle paths, bus bays etc.

U21 posts

U-21 WIVA: an innovative roadworks site marking system High flexibility (can be tilted many times) and durable. Very good visibility (type 2 reflective film), safe panel installation, (flashing) light installation as an option.

Various road traffic articles

WIMED offers a wide range of traffic stop signs (commonly known as lollipop signs) with our without illumination, warning tapes for marking dangerous spots, wolf eye reflectors, snowploughs and reference plates.


WIMED mini-roundabouts are the ideal solution for small crossroads. These mini-roundabouts help to put traffic in order and increase traffic safety. WIMED mini-roundabout WIMED is a lightweight and quick-to-install structure. It is made of UV-resistant rubber.

Parking locks

WIMED parking locks are protected against corrosion through dip-hot galvanising and powdered coated. The product is coated with red reflective film and offers good visibility at night-time. WIMED’s parking locks (Choinka, Motyl and IRGA) come with a padlock and a lock.

Parking area separator and delineators

Parking area separator make parking quick and safe and help protect damage to vehicles. The material is 100% rubber granules and UV-resistant polyurethane. Reflective features give the product very good visibility.

Urban furniture

WIMED offers benches with or without backrests, made of PROLIFE elements and laser cut, galvanised metal sheets powdered coated to any colour. Urban bike stands (PROLIFE, painted wooden rod).