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Road signs

WIMED road signs are shaped and reinforced to meet the deformation behaviour requirements set out in the PN-EN 12899-1 standard for all wine zones in Poland.

Railway signs

WIMED offers all kinds of railway signs. They are made of steel sheets, with bent edges and reflective film that offers excellent reflection properties and durability.

Urban Information Systems

Aesthetically pleasing and sturdy directional boards, wall-mounted address boards and number plates, street name plates, tourist information signs etc. They are not only decorative, but also create the impression that the town or city is a well-organised space.

Housing Estate Signs

WIMED offers quality road signs for housing estate as needed, as well as rubber kerbs with a reflective tape.

Tourist Trail and Biking Routes

Biking route signs and tourist (trail) signs or boards that help access and locate tourist attractions Consistent graphic design and the best printing methods

Non-standard signs and boards, advertising signs, EU grant funding signs

Non-standard signs and boards with any text, a funny image or a symbol. Sturdy EU grant funding signs (a zinc board covered with a plastic film).

Car park signs

Car park locks with a reflective film, directional signs and boards, information signs, prohibitory traffic signs, parking area separator and delineators for quick and safe parking manoeuvres.

Road markings

Retroreflective safety devices known as cat’s eyes, resistance to impact and wear, offering excellent visibility at night time, plus paint for roadways, chemically setting resins, temporary reflective tapes

Active road signs

WIMED active road signs and bollards designed to withstand difficult weather conditions, offering very good visibility with little external lighting, even in bad weather.