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Roll-up road signs

Roll-up U20 road barriers, chervron boards (U3c), soft roll-up signs (types: A, B, C or D with a frame), sign stands, reflective safety bands for trees, A13 signs with text.

Temporary Roadworks Signs

Detour signs (with right/left/straight ahead/left diagonally/right diagonally/detour ends, F8) Roadworks information boards (any size or text).

Signal equipment

Diode warning lights, discharge xenon lights, light wave effect light sets, temporary traffic light sets for single-lane shuttle operation, and mobile lane closing boards.

Standard roadworks signs and boards

Standard roadworks signs (A12a, A12b, A12c, A14, B33, T19) Type 2 reflective film coating gives the signs excellent visibility.

Warning clothes

High-visibility warning clothes (some can be seen from as far as 189 metres) in all weather conditions (rain or snow) and any time of the day or night.

Road cones

Road cones of high flexibility (when bent, they will conform back to their original shape) and stability They are coated in fluorescent paint for enhanced visibility and are resistant to breaking or cracking.

Continuous chervron boards

Continuous chervron boards (U3C, U3D, 3000×600, film types: 1 and 2). The sectional barricade boards are made of hot-deep galvanised 1.25-thick steel sheets.

Road barricades

Free-standing (U-20a) road barricades for separating roadworks areas in the right of way. U-20b road barricades for installation across the road and U20a for installation along the road.

U21 posts

Innovative U21 posts: highly flexible, durable, well visible, safe design, with the option to fit (flashing) lights on the panel.

Police stop signs

Police stop signs, commonly known as lollipop signs Illuminated and non-illuminated versions are available. They are used by road (maintenance) workers, for example.

Red-and-white warning tape

Red-and-white warning tape can be used during roadworks. It warns road users about dangerous places.

Fence barriers

A folding fence barrier made of aluminium and galvanised steel Red and white, coated with type 1 reflective film